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Friday, 4 May 2018

Rebuilding Jerusalem

She picked up a hammer and chisel and
forcefully drove her words into their heads:
You. Will. Hear. My. Demands.
Her words drove them apart and
they splintered under the onslaught.
Her hand would not be stayed.
She lassoed word after word carefully
before she slung it at them with such force
that they staggered under the impact.
She was the keeper of truths,
she alone knew the secrets of the universe.
Arguing with her was pointless.
She already knew all the answers before
the questions were even properly formulated

Slowly, slowly they recovered as they found
each other where she had tossed them aside.
Slowly, they climbed their way back through
the web of intricate lies and assumptions.
The fog cleared, the mist lifted and they could see
the truths that had been tossed aside so carelessly,
had never been anything but true and accurate.
Unravelling fact from fiction was an arduous task but
they stuck to it with great tenacity and were rewarded.
They found the word they had been looking for
to stop the onslaught that had wreaked such havoc.
Silence!” they exclaimed in unison.
Silence! Speak no more. Not a word, not a syllable,
not a sound, not even a gesture will be tolerated!

Silence brought healing. It brought restoration.
I brought back unity, knowledge, wisdom, but
most importantly, it brought back love.
They had lived with condemnation and fear
for so long that it took them some time to realize
that what had been missing, was love.
Love did not hold grudges, and was not envious.
Love did not acknowledge evil, but knew only good.
Love did not bring bondage and fear, but set one free.
Love had been missing, but now it was back,
and it did not return in small bits and pieces. It
came with more force than her words had ever mustered.
It came back and it made itself heard.
Love demanded an account and then it wiped the
slate clean, and it forgave, and it forgot.

A gentle breeze blew over that house when hate
was driven from it. God was in that breeze.
It was soothing, cooling, restorative and healing.
Gently, it blew the dust of the destruction away
to expose the building blocks that had been
buried underneath the rubble of her words.
They were delighted to find those bricks still there
and thanked God in unison, before they started
rebuilding the temple of their lives. Jerusalem
may have fallen, but they would build it up again.
Her children had been taken captive, her old men
had turned grey, her young men quivered, her women
wailed, but Jerusalem was God’s chosen city
and it would not be completely destroyed forever.
When they returned to the teachings of their youth,
God turned His ear towards them, and heard their cries.
The splendour of the rebuilt city was greater than
it had ever been. They rejoiced for God was good.

An original poem by Miekie (Marietjie Uys).
'n Oorspronklike gedig deur Miekie (Marietjie Uys).

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