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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The greatest gift

God did not send His Son wrapped with a bow
to announce the greatest gift on man bestowed.
Instead, He came in flesh that could bleed
a river of blood that to God would lead.
This Child of God, the Son of Man
has done what none other ever can
when He restored the creature to its God
to save us from hell’s eternal rod.
Our sins He simply wiped away
in blood that would forever stay
to cleanse mankind before the King,
an eternal love-filled offering.
Then He healed our broken state
before ordering us a while to wait,
for the greatest gift was yet to be,
descending in flames the eye could see.
The Holy Spirit came from above
to abide in us in gracious love
so that we could show the world the face
of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, grace.
In my mirror, I stare at what is reflected
to look for a sign that God is detected,
but oh! how I still fall short and fail
of the image of the One pierced by a nail.
And so, anew, my life I bring
as a living, subjected offering
to a God Who is ever and easily pleased
and Whose grace, through the ages, has never ceased.

An original poem by Miekie (Marietjie Uys).
'n Oorspronklike gedig deur Miekie (Marietjie Uys).

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